Performers Check In Process

Performers Check In Process

1. You have received an appointment request from The Casting Cartel or your talent agent.

2. Make sure you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection and proceed to “Check In”.

3. Enter the Casting password provided to you via SMS and complete the online forms.

4. Hang out in our Virtual Waiting Room while in queue to connect to a LIVE Casting Director who will instruct you and record your performance.

5. Your audition clip will then be edited and distributed to our clients remotely

No recording equipment required.


Want to start virtual casting?

Want to start virtual casting?

We want to help you! We believe in virtual casting and feel it has become a necessity in our industry.

A solution to the problems associated with casting abroad or social distancing measures as well as difficulties encountered with self tape briefing ( downloading, labeling, arranging, compressing, uploading, endless viewing, etc)

Virtual Casting allows you to conduct your casting through a secure Video to Video VOIP Network.
You can direct performances LIVE. Record, store and distribute footage as desired.

Feel free to visit us in the virtual studio now and either chat to us live or schedule an appointment for us to take you on a tour.


Casting A Project?

Casting A Project?

Years of collective experience combined to cast your Film, Television or Commercial – simply, quickly and efficiently.

The Cartel’s wide reach allows us to source, schedule and cast talent worldwide through a dedicated VOIP network to ensure top quality, performance directed footage.

The entire casting process is operated professionally online in our own virtual studio – including: Scheduling; Casting; and Call-backs.

Additionally, with substantially lower studio overheads, The Cartel is able to offer competitive pricing to our clients.

Chat to us live, now or schedule an online appointment to discuss your needs


First Time?

Welcome to the Casting Cartel’s Virtual Casting Studio. A complete online solution for Commercial, TV and Film Casting Worldwide. 

If this is your first time visiting THECASTINGCARTEL.COM, please watch my short introduction video before jumping in.

Catch you in the Studio! 

Much love ~ ALEX ANLOS (founder, Casting Director, Actor) IMDB