The Casting Cartel was born out of our passion for film with the goal of maintaining a powerful presence and expanding our casting services on a global scale.

First and foremost we are casting directors with years of collective experience in international feature films, television and commercials. We have always prided ourselves in cultivating the best possible performances from talent and delivering only the best options to our clients quickly, efficiently and affordably.

The Casting Cartel aims to offer a creative and immersive platform that is solely dedicated to achieving client and talent needs

ONLINE, remotely and globally!

The entire process – from talent scheduling, initial casting and call backs, to talent directing and recording – is accomplished entirely online through our Virtual Studio which is powered by a dedicated and secure video-to-video WEBRL VOIP Network.

Through a built in Micro CRM we easily schedule, manage and change meetings making sure we never miss an appointment.

All this is done remotely, without requiring any software installation or specialised camera equipment. Simply visit our website and audition live in real-time.   

Performers and agents are kept in the loop every step of the way via our SMS casting notifications.

The Casting Cartel’s dedicated talent scouts work proudly to ensure we have an ever-widening reach when selecting talent to present to clients.

As each project differs in size and budget, please send us an email for an estimated quote, or schedule a video appointment through our website to discuss how  The Cartel can assist you.